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... Sustainability and Health

The consequences of climate change, environmental degradation and environmental toxins cause people all over the world to become ill and die every day. Many animal species are also threatened with extinction. The consequences of global warming have a negative impact on our future lives and also on the lives of future generations.
These topics affect all of us and therefore the examination of the environment and sustainability should be an integral part of studying at the HAW. Therefore we want to get into a dialogue with you, we want to include the role of individuals and the importance of capitalistic influenced consumer behaviour in the discussion and strengthen the awareness for sustainability.
We want to inform about these topics in the form of events, actions, workshops and publications. We want to show possibilities sustainability can be integrated into everyday life and how you can get involved. Here it is important to us not to work with the moral index finger, but to enlighten and to promote a debate from which everyone can draw consequences together. In addition, we want to establish sustainability goals at HAW and integrate them into university studies.
In addition, we want to continue to support other initiatives that fight for climate protection and contribute to networking at the HAW.
The topic of health is also a very important part of our work. This topic includes the health of all HAW members and the study-life-balance in a society characterized by pressure to perform, as well as structural problems at the university that affect health.

These need to be uncovered, investigated and improved.

I always welcome suggestions and ideas on how we can integrate environmental and social sustainability into academic life. If you want to get involved or even start your own projects where you need support, feel free to contact me!

You can reach me at: isabelle.masuch@asta.haw-hamburg.de



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