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... and History

Capitalism carries fascism within it. To overcome fascism it is worth looking into history. The political consequences of the world economic crisis of 1929 led to great unrest on a social and societal level. There were many protests against the austerity measures and measures to reduce the welfare state. In order to cut off the top of this social movement and divert it into a division of the population, the NSDAP took up many demands of the workers' movement pseudomonically and presented the Jewish population as a scapegoat.

They were supported by big business, which, true to John Heartfield's slogan (and image) "Millions stand behind me - the meaning of Hitler's salute," provided massive financial resources. They wanted to use the fascists as a bulwark against the workers movement at any cost.

With the liberation by the anti-Hitler coalition (England, France, USA and USSR) the horror was brought to an end and it was sealed that a 1000 year old empire could never have existed, because contempt for man cannot win. Thousands of resistance fighters*, such as the student White Rose, the rhythmic human love of the Swing-Kids, or creative artists such as Thomas Mann and Kurt Tucholsky have contributed to the victory of humanity. We can draw on their heritage to fight for the Never Again today.

The aim of the responsibility is to work together with other interested parties on the history of the HAW, to make them aware of it, to learn from it and to organise events. Everyone is warmly invited to come!


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