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Aufruf zur Solidartität mit den Betroffenen der G20-Repression
Politik für Studis
Higher Education Policy

The freedom of research and teaching, combined with loyalty to the constitution (GG Articles 1 to 19), is in this sense an anti-fascist consequence and of special importance for a peaceful society and all of us.

Our demands of an emancipatory, socially effective and self-determined study are therefore not only justified but rather necessary. Scientific and personal education are the prerequisites for positively changing and developing society.

At the AStA, we work as a cross-thematic team. For the university policy department, we have agreed on various focal points, which we would like to present to you in the following:

Study reform and examination conditions

The hunt for good exam grades, the pressure of deadlines, the threat of compulsory exmatriculation and the resulting competition stand in contrast to what studying could be like. While studies should be aimed at positively developing society as a whole, they are strongly oriented towards corporate and profit interests. Instead of continuing to focus on tailor-made vocational training, we should work together to design higher education in a way that fosters students' creativity and thus advances us and our ideas for progressive social development. Together with student representatives, teachers, researchers and all other (student) members of our university we would like to work on the realization of this.

The so-called standard period of study must again be understood as the minimum period of study! In order to make all-embracing education for all possible. The "stretching of study" is therefore a conscious decision and not a problem for individuals. At the same time we want to increase the pressure on the university to set up part-time study courses not only individually but structurally in order to do justice to the compatibility of study and the necessary financing of life and living (in an expensive city like Hamburg). These are already prescribed by the Hamburg Higher Education Act and are long overdue. At the same time, the higher education institution (and its members) must also work elsewhere for the equally overdue realisation of a needs-based Bafögs for all. Education must not be a luxury!

In order to do justice to this, we (together with you) want to support the following alternatives:

  • Realization of interdisciplinary subjects
  • Reduction of deadlines, exams and compulsory de-registrations
  • Anchoring socially relevant topics in the curricula
  • Information about the possibilities of student participation within the university, e.g. in committees (department and faculty councils, university senate, study reform committee, etc.).
  • Abolition of the standard period of study!
  • Expansion of part-time study programmes


Peace studies


The acts of war in the world continue to escalate. The termination of the INF Treaty by Donald Trump increases the danger of a nuclear war and also the planned militarization of the EU under the leadership of Germany and France is drumming towards war. Against it resistance stirs. Active members of the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for their commitment, are demanding the accession of Germany to the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. They have the population of the FRG behind them: the majority rejects nuclear weapons and the export of military equipment. Hamburg is also marked by resistance: in 1936, port workers threw the weapons destined for Franco's fascists into the port basin. Today, several tons of armament and ammunition are shipped via the port every day. 93 armaments producing companies are located in and around Hamburg. That must end! We argue for a comprehensive ban on arms exports (not only) via the Port of Hamburg, for the conversion of all war production to civilian goods, and for the impermissibility of arms research by vigilant and socially responsible universities.




We want to work for the HAW to take sides for peace and disarmament and to interfere together with the people of Hamburg to help end the business of death. In "Teaching, research and further education, all university members can make a lasting commitment to the peaceful, social, political, technical, ecological and economic development of society" (from the Preamble to the Basic Regulations of the HAW, 2015). This gives meaning and meaning to the study.

As AStA we are part of the peace movement:

  • We work together with the nationwide civil clause movement, so that studies, research and all work are directed towards increasing peace.
  • We work on uncovering the origin of third-party funding for research projects at the HAW. Our university must not be dependent on third-party funding, especially from those that represent a means of pressure on the arms industry.
  • We are committed to stopping the planned arms build-up through the 2% target of NATO and the EU military alliance PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) by actively supporting the campaign "Disarm instead of Arm". For peaceful and diplomatic relations with Russia.
  • We support the ICAN campaign and fight with them against the modernisation of nuclear weapons in Büchel and for the accession of Germany to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • We fight for a stop to arms research, production (conversion) and export. To this end, we support the Hamburg Initiative against Arms Exports.
  • We provide information on peace policy events, anniversaries and current developments, call for protests and demonstrations and organise our own events to raise awareness.


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