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Petition: Science for Sustainability, Peace and Democracy

Preserve the civil clause in NRW!

"How is it possible that no one has to die of hunger anymore and that solidarity and democratic participation are realized in society? What are the causes of war and violence and what are the preconditions for an equal and peaceful coexistence? How can global rearmament be stopped, how can civil conflict resolution and international law be strengthened? Which economic interests are opposed to sustainable development, how can natural resources be preserved and made productive instead of wasted? The answer to these questions cannot be delayed; science plays a central role here.

In this sense, a so-called "civil clause" was included in the NRW University Act in 2014 as a result of the longstanding commitment of university members:

“Universities are developing their contribution to a sustainable, peaceful and democratic world. They are committed to peaceful goals and fulfil their special responsibility for sustainable development both within and outside the university. Further details on the implementation of this mandate shall be laid down in the Basic Regulation.”

A mandatory civil clause backs the universities and their members to do research in general public interest. It also gives the legislator the responsibility to create appropriate study and working conditions to fulfil this mandate.

The deletion of the civil clause from the NRW Higher Education Act, as intended by the current state government, would be history-forgotten and a step in the wrong direction.

The civil clause must be preserved! This is what we stand for.“

You’ll find the petition here:



The Civil Clause in the Basic Regulations of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences:


The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences sees itself obliged to assume social responsibility in its scientific and didactic activities and administrative actions and to make a lasting commitment to the peaceful social, political, technical, ecological and economic development of society in teaching, research and further education.

Research, teaching and study at HAW Hamburg are committed to peaceful goals and are intended to fulfil civilian purposes; research, in particular the development and optimisation of technical systems, as well as study and teaching are oriented towards civilian use.

HAW Hamburg promotes a respectful and supportive attitude towards all members of the university. It is committed to equal rights and equal opportunities for all university members in its institutional actions and communication culture and takes action against discrimination and exclusion of individuals or groups. The HAW does not tolerate racism or discrimination based on sexual identity, gender, age, disability or religion at the university.

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